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MicroWatt: cartridge of 24 V.

Diameter from 0,157 inches.

Maxiwatt cartridge heaters are most suitable for moderate heating up to a maximum temperature of 570ºF. Made with stainless steel tube of the finest quality. The heater wire is also of the highest quality, with a thin outer layer of magnesium oxide and enclosed in a stainless steel sheath. Everything goes through a process of compression until longer life is achieved. The whole cartridge is hermetically sealed to prevent the entry of moisture, fluids, etc.
Maxiwatt cartridges can be manufactured by a special process for the molding of the cartridge at  customer's request.

  • Uniform temperature.
  • Safe when used.
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Technical data

Heat intensity Not exceeding 64.516W/inch2 (recomended)
Power Depends on the diameter
Working temperature 660ºF max.
Length tolerance +/-1.5%
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.0039
Cut of connection tolerance +/-0.591 inch.
Power tolerance (w) + 5 % - 10 %
Cold Areas minimum 0.591 inch.
  1. Welded watertight base Tig; resists pressure up to 853 lib/inch2.
  2. Calibrated stainless steel 304.
  3. Checked pure granolumetric magnesium oxide.
  4. Nickel-chromium 80/20 heating wire.
  5. Conductor lead.

The unique Maxiwatt manufacturing system, together with its electronic system, makes it possible to separate the spirals, thereby guaranteeing the same temperature for the whole perimeter and length of the cartridge. Therefore, a uniform and lasting temperature is obtained.


Microwatt cartridges are especially designed to transmit heat in areas of limited or specifc spaces. Due to their low tension of 48V. Max are particularly suitable when the heat has to be operated manually.


  • Cutting blades.
  • Heating of fluids.
  • Welding points.
  • Small marking, etc.


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