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Wet weathers heaters

IP67: For extreme environments (moisture and dust)

The IP67 cartridge heater is special designed to work with extremely wet conditions, as well as in liquid cased processing, or in the food packaging industry where equipment wash down is common.

It is build with fluoropolymer (FPA) coated cables making its cleaning easy so nothing could be bond to it. Its internal sealing is made with a fluoropolymer (FPA) plug and an epoxy seal that resists high temperatures, being an absolutely waterproof set.

  • Long resistance
  • High temperatures
  • Maximum wattage capacity 258W/inch2
  • Special for extreme environments (moisture and dust)
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Internal options

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Protection index IP

The 60529 protection index is an international standard measure, from the International Electrotechnics Commission, who rates the protection level against solid intrusions, dust, accidental shorts or water.

Dust protection.
Code: 6 Effectiveness: No dust permeation, completed protected connections.

Water protection.
Code: 7 Effectiveness: in case of water immergence, the set will not be severely damaged within defined conditions of pressure and time (1 metre submergence).


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