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Security specifications

  • Cartridge heater to use only in industrial environments.
  • Cartridge element with high wattage density in w/in² which develops high temperatures.
  • Serious burns can result if skin comes in contact with parts of the warming system.
  • The installations process for a cartridge heater requires expert knows and expert and qualified installer.
  • It is necessary to use glasses, safety gloves and clothing for high temperatures.


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  • Indicate with symbols warning of hot surfaces.
  • Store the most protected from any moisture.
  • Cut the total current of the machine our mold.
  • Check that the machine or mold is at room temperature.
  • Introduction without any anti-grippant paste.
  • Exclusively for holes with H7 tolerance.
  • Attach regulator and cut systems (thermocouples and regulators).
  • Introduce the 100% of the length of the heater.
  • Do not place the cable inside the hole.
  • Protect the heater cable and entrance connection against shocks, splashes and excess material.
  • Neither take nor transport the heater for the tails.
  • Keep the tails away from heat sources and protected from it.
  • Do not repair damaged tails. Replace them with new ones identical to the originals.
  • Indicate and send before accepting the order, in writing, the work conditions ( vibration, blows, humid environments…).
  • Never stop running without qualified human presence.
  • All exposed parts are mandatory for safety people and goods.


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